Pet groomer transforms adorable dog into the Grinch just in time for Christmas

Pet groomer transforms adorable dog into the Grinch just in time for Christmas

Dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa spent three hours transforming Teddy the Bichon Frise into the Grinch, just in time for Christmas

A dog groomer has turned heads by transforming a gorgeous white and fluffy Bichon Frise into the Grinch, complete with green fur and red coat.

Gabriel Feitosa, who hails from San Diego in the US, spent three hours transforming the four-year-old pooch using vegan, non-toxic hair dye and scissors.

The 29-year-old professional says Teddy the Bichon was the “perfect model” and his owners were absolutely over the moon with his colourful festive look.

“I used non-toxic, vegan pet hair dye to bring out the colours,” Gabriel explained. “Teddy being a white dog was the perfect model for it and with scissoring, I created shapes to bring the design alive.”

The transformation gave the pet a green head, face, legs, paws and tail. Red dye was then added to give the illusion of a Santa costume.

Gabriel’s dog styling skills have gathered him thousands of followers on social media, and although the bold looks sometimes raise safety questions, he has reassured that clients are well looked after.

He said: “People really love it, some are concerned for not knowing how the process is done and if it is safe but I assure you is completely safe the dyes are developed specifically for pets and all the ingredients on the dye are FDA approved.”

This kind of styling on a small dog starts at $280 (£211) and the price goes up depending on dog size. For bigger breeds, the starting price is $500 (£377).

More intricate designs can cost more depending on how many different coloured dyes and carving techniques are used.

Fans of Gabriels’ work have been showing a lot of support for his latest Grinch transformation on TikTok, with the video getting 1.9 million views.

“I would totally do this to my dog. So cute,” one commented, while another added: “I love the cut. I wish I lived close I would bring my Maltese to you. Best groomer ever.”

“You’re amazingly talented,” a third wrote, while a fourth said: “Your talent is mind-blowing. Love them all!”