Mum sparks debate by refusing to have non-vegan food at her kid’s birthday party

Mum sparks debate by refusing to have non-vegan food at her kid’s birthday party

A mum has come to a bitter dispute with her husband after refusing to have any non-vegan food at their daughter’s first birthday party – but his family is not happy about it

A mum has sparked an interesting debate online, after revealing she refuses to have any non-vegan foods at her daughter’s first birthday party.

The mum-of-three explained that when her youngest was just three-months-old, they discovered she’s allergic to dairy and eggs and can’t eat them in any form without it making her very poorly.

So, for her first birthday, next weekend, the mum decided she wanted all food and drinks to be free from the ingredients she cannot eat, so that the youngster doesn’t end up accidentally eating something that will make her ill.

“We have spent so much time figuring out what she was allergic to and avoiding it, I wanted to have one day where we do not have to monitor everything she ate,” the mum explained on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“And of course being a baby, she tends to grab for anything she wants, so having no allergens at all means I don’t have to worry if one of our other children leave their food in her reach.”

It makes perfect sense, seeing as it is the little girl’s birthday, but the mum’s husband doesn’t agree and has argued that both him and his family won’t eat vegan food.

“I wasn’t planning on anything too out there. My mum volunteered to make her homemade veggie soup, and I was going to make a chocolate cake and frosting. The only difference between normal cake and frosting and the one I’m making is apple sauce instead of eggs and oat milk instead of cows milk,” she explained.

However, she’s since been told that her nephews and in-laws refuse to eat the soup and despite the fact she believes they would’ve liked the cake, they won’t eat that either because of it being vegan.

“My husband wants to just do pizza and ‘normal’ cake because it’s what they like. I don’t understand the point of having a birthday meal that the birthday kid can’t even eat,” the mum concluded.

“I didn’t think it was too much to ask to have one day that is catered to my daughter, when she’s going to have to spend the rest of her life working around everyone else.”

One Reddit user commented: “It’s not her dad’s day, and it’s not her cousins’ day. Yeah, she’s just a baby right now, but she’s going to live with these restrictions forever. You (and hopefully your husband) don’t want to set the precedent that for her birthday, not only does she have to spend all day seeing and smelling a bunch of delicious food she can’t eat, but she has to watch all her family members eat while she alone goes without.”

“Your daughter’s birthday is about her, not about them. If they are dumb enough not to know that there are plenty of vegan options that are delicious, and they refuse to try new things because they ‘know’ that they won’t like it, perhaps they aren’t mature enough to attend a one-year-old’s party,” another agreed.