Man left fuming after his pregnant sister in law picks the same name as his pup

Man left fuming after his pregnant sister in law picks the same name as his pup

A man took to Reddit to ask readers if he was in the wrong for refusing to change the name of his dog, even though his sister in law was planning on using the same name for his soon to be born niece.

Welcoming your dream puppy into your home is always a delightful experience, but the pressure of finding a perfect name takes some owners weeks of planning.

Some decide on the day, while others plan out the perfect name for months ahead – which is what a man had decided when he prepared to welcome his dream pup, a Clumber Spaniel.

However, after discovering his sister in law was thinking of naming her baby the same name, tempers flared and he took to Reddit to ask readers whether he was in the wrong for not changing the name of his pup.

The man shared his story on a Reddit AITA post (which stands for ‘Am I the a** hole?’), with the caption, ‘AITA for giving my dog the same name as my niece?’

He first explained: “I am not really one to care about dog names. I have a dog names centrifuge for example like usually I just give random names that I come up with on the spot. But this dog I had planned for a year in advance.”

He then revealed how he had got in touch with a breeder in 2020, in hopes of receiving his ‘dream dog, a beautiful clumber spaniel’.

The litter had been born 10 weeks before, so he had plenty of time to ponder on the perfect name.

He excitedly told his entire family the news and decided on the name ‘Maybeline’, which everyone had loved, especially his brother and sister in law.

He continued: “Fast forward and my [sister in law] is pregnant and finds out it is a girl. We are all so excited and happy and wondering about the name and she said Maybeline.

“I didn’t really think much of it at the spot but I did make a comment about how that is what my puppy will be called”.

He stated how his sister in law had taken him to the side and asked if he was willing to change the name of his new pup, to which he replied he would simply ‘think about it’.

But the man refused to change the name and stuck with his original plan – to the absolute horror of his brother and sister in law.

He said: “When I told my family everyone was so angry with me saying I was being rude and insulting my brother and my niece.”

He concluded his point, protesting the name had been planned before his niece was even conceived but still questioned readers if he was ‘being an a**hole about it?’

But before readers could share their thoughts, the man provided an update on the situation, claiming to have come up with the perfect solution.

He told readers he will now only refer to his dog as ‘May’, although her full name is still registered as ‘Maybeline’.

He further stated as part of the agreement, he is banned from informing people his niece is named after his dog but found this to be ‘a dumb agreement’.

He continued: “It’s a bit of a dumb agreement because British people will shorten the shortest of names. Your name is James? Not anymore Jay. Your name is Amy? Not anymore Ames.

“So their kid and my dog will just both be called May for short. I find this hilarious and I will not tell them this changes nothing”.

Reddit users quickly went to the comments to share their thoughts, with many siding with the man – and many were particularly puzzled on why the sister in law would even choose the name in the first place.

One user commented: “Why’s your [sister in law] naming a kid after a makeup brand?

While another agreed, stating: “Poor kid… every time she enters a classroom she’ll hear whisper-singing. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybeline!”

Another user was infuriated with the sister in laws decision saying: “I really dislike people that hear a name someone shared and “accidentally” happen to name their own child that first. I just had a friend do that to me, and it’s so not cool.

While another replied: “My aunt did this to my mom. Took the first and middle name I would have had. Now my cousin has my dad’s middle name.