Guilty Labrador thinks he’s got away with bin raid – but there’s just one problem

Guilty Labrador thinks he’s got away with bin raid – but there’s just one problem

The owner of clumsy a clumsy Labrador called Shelby, from Greater Manchester, found him in bed with the lid around his neck and a rather guilty look on his face

A chocolate Labrador sported a guilty look after getting the kitchen bin lid stuck around his neck.

Nine-month-old Shelby might have thought he’d got away with the bin raid were it not for the glaring evidence.

The adorable dog couldn’t be more suspicious, and his puppy dog eyes suggested he knew he wasn’t getting away with this one.

He was so ashamed, he took himself to bed before his owner had even found the chaos.

When Susan Bithell came downstairs, she discovered the bin had been tipped over and found Shelby in his bed looking very remorseful next to an empty bag of frozen potatoes.

The mum-of-three, from Dukinfield, Tameside, in Greater Manchester, said Shelby is a lovable food monster, and has a habit of sniffing bins when given the chance.

Susan, 35, said: “He sniffs every bin outside on his walk on bin day, and he always tries to bin dip at home if he gets a chance.

“I was getting ready upstairs, and Shelby would usually follow, especially if no-one is downstairs because he doesn’t like being on his own.”

This time Shelby didn’t follow as he had other things on his mind. But it didn’t quite go to plan and ended up in disaster, despite the guilty Labrador trying his best to ‘act normal.’

Susan says it’s not the first time Shelby has knocked over the bin. Usually he would do the walk of shame to bed when asked “what have you done?” but this time the embarrassed pup had already taken himself to bed.

She said: “I was amazed he managed to do that, I was impressed he took himself to bed. I helped him take the lid off but he was trying to help and as he was wiggling he got his paw stuck through as well and was hopping.

“It didn’t last long because I managed to get it off and we had lots of cuddles. He’s always making us laugh and being mischievous but this is the first time he got a bin lid stuck over his head.”

Shelby, who was named after the Peaky Blinders, has been making others laugh too. The video has reached over 3,000 likes on Facebook.

You can hear Susan ask: “You’ve been in the bins, haven’t you?” and quickly follow with, “You’re still in the bin.”

One user said: “That is utterly priceless” while another said, “A nice new collar.”

Others said: “Caught red handed” and “I bet he was thinking if I don’t look at her she won’t suspect a thing.”

Now every time Susan tries to watch the video back, Shelby suspects the humour at his expense and will rush over to distract her.

Susan said: “He can open a couple of doors here so he can be quite clever despite his dopey moments. He’s a character and we all love him more than we knew possible – perfect fit for our family.”